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Dec 3, 2013 4:00am PST
of weather. >> good reference. >> the battle over sales tax for internet purchases heats up, the most and least corrupt countries around the world. >>> an eighth shark attack in hawaii this season. this one is fatal. the details coming up next. >>> welcome back. the dark streets of boston were lit up this morning when an eight-alarm fire broke out on the south side. huge flames shooting from an abandoned building. there have been no reports of injuries. >>> a man fishing from a kayak off the coast of maui was attacked by a shark. he died from his injuries on monday. the attack occurred in a popular diving spot. it's the eighth shark attack off the island just this year. about double the normal. >>> a spectacular display by europe's most active volcano, italy's mount aetna shot lava into the night sky. >>> the nonprofit group transparency international released the list of most kruptd countries. countries with the cleanest records include canada and germany. as for the united states and uruguay, they are tied for 19th cleanest. >>> and these brown tree snakes are becoming a huge proble
Dec 4, 2013 4:00am PST
watchdog is noting potential problems come tax season. the inspector general says existing irs systems do not have the capability to detect fraud when it comes to the subsidies set up to help people buy insurance in the form of tax credits. administration officials say the irs aggressively safeguards its systems to combat fraud and that the health care system is no exception. >>> the results of actor paul walker's autopsy are expected to be released today. he and his friend were killed in a fiery and tragic car crash moments after this photo was taken of the "fast and furious" actor stepping into a 2005 red porsche. the autopsy would confirm it. investigators they they don't believe they were racing but speed is an issue of the crash. the production of "fast and furious" is on hold. we should mention universal pictures shares the same parent company as this network. >>> the piano man has a few more songs to play on that baby grand. billy joel will take up a monthly residence at madison square garden as the venue's first-ever music franchise. the legendary musician will play concert there
Dec 9, 2013 4:00am PST
corporate tax loopholes and wouldn't extend retirement programs and also wouldn't fully replace sequester cuts. this deal would avoid another debt battle, though on capitol hill until another budget is due. >>> a rare trip today to pakistan for defense secretary chuck hagel. he hopes to repair the strained relationship. he made a surprise visit to troops in afghanistan and said a budget deal could restore to the military. >>> so the death toll related to a pod of wayward whales has risen. 11 dead pilot whales. the total number of recovered carcasses rise to 22. last week rescueers worked franticly to move whales. >>> a bizarre plane incident left one passenger with quite a surprise. tom wagner was on a united flight from louisiana to california when he awoke from the nap to find the flight empty and the plane locked. and he is inside. >> i looked up at the ceiling, and saw the lights were out, looked down the aisle, and nobody was home. >> you can hear more of wagner's tale of how he called his girlfriend to get him out this morning on the "today" show. just his voice. >> did he have cock
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3